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This section answers some of the most frequently asked questions by new players. While most problems can be resolved using the FAQ page, players can contact support for a more thorough understanding of the online gaming industry.

What are the Different Types of Casinos?

The choices are plenty, giving prospective gamblers an endless list of options to choose from. Some casinos focus on providing slot machines, while some may provide wagers with the most comprehensive sportsbook and casino games. Note that different casino offers different bonuses and promotions, and allows different methods of transaction when it comes to withdrawal and money deposit.

What are the Chances of Winning on an Online Casino?

Gambling is all about luck. The chances of winning in an online casino highly depends on the way gamblers play. Hitting the jackpot is dependable on how much the players bet. While slot machines offers various percentage payouts, table games like baccarat and blackjack usually offers higher payout percentages.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

As long as the casino that you play in is regulated and registered under trusted regulatory body like the PWC, eCOGRA or TST, then there should no qualms about scams.

What are the Criteria of a Good Online Casino?

While this question is rather subjective and highly dependent on the player’s standards and needs, keep in mind, however, that a good online casino is a casino which offers secure and convenient money deposit and withdrawal methods. Whatever comes next is a matter of taste and preference. Attractive bonuses or any other kind of on-going promotions can be deemed ‘good’ in helping players to make extra money.

How to Deposit Money in an Online Casino?

Online casino generally offers a few deposit methods. Most deposits can be made immediately after retrieving banking details and consultation from the customer support. Look for the banking page on your preferred casino website, click on the deposit tab and choose the method that suits you best. Enter relevant information as needed and you can start gambling in no time. Deposit methods can be any of the following:

Credit Card

Depositing using credit cards is one of the most preferred options by players. Just like any other transaction, players need to enter relevant card information and funds will be credited accordingly and securely. Popular options include VISA and Mastercard.


E-wallet allows transactions through the use of credit card or banking information, which are linked directly to casinos that are compatible. This is an option for players who are seeking for an added sense of security as they are able to keep their bank account information private. Example includes Paypal.

Online Transfer

This method allows players to link their bank accounts to the casinos, and it is a safe and secure method of transaction as long as the casino is trusted. Example includes Maybank2u.


Players can choose to directly deposit the money into the casino’s account by manually going to the bank. Perhaps the most secure way of depositing money, this way however, requires time and effort on the player’s part. Once this is done, players are required to hand over the receipt details and maybe even take a picture of the receipt and send it to the operators of the casinos in order for them to verify the information. After a short waiting time, money will be deposited into the player’s casino account.

How Long Will the Money Transfer Take?

Every casino’s aim is to get the gamblers playing, so the waiting time after depositing money will be minimal before the players can start playing. Most of time, players will be able to play right away once the casino is able to get hold of the information. However, if the waiting time is unusually long (more than 30 minutes), contact the customer support immediately.

What’s Better – Play Online or Download?

While this question is highly dependent on the needs and convenience of the users, there are a few other factors involved. Downloading the entire software will generally enable access to a more comprehensive set of games. Playing online, on the other hands, enables players to start off the game quicker. Remember to check the compatibility of the client and your PC if you choose the download option.

Are There Free Games Available?

For those who are not ready to gamble just yet, note that most casinos do offer free games for their players, allowing them to sample their product and invest only when they are truly contented with the quality.

Are the Games Fixed?

The house always has the edge, so the chances of casinos slightly fixing the games are possible. Thankfully, there are regulating bodies like the PWC, eCOGRA or TST which are constantly ensuring that the casinos are adhering to the required standards to prevent any sort of scams. Hence, it is highly important that players do the appropriate research before investing in any casino by checking first if these sites are certified. Such information can mostly be found on the home page.

What Are the Payout Percentages?

Selected games have their own website where the percentage listings can be found. For example, the game Mega Moolah which was created by Microgaming comes with a dedicated page on the internet that tells players essential information like the payout percentage and total hit frequency. According to its web page, the payout percentage is 94% – 95%.

What is the Welcome Bonus?

Simply put – incentives to attract new players to the site. Welcome bonuses range from free credits to free spins and plays. These bonuses also differ in size, or can be based on the amount of deposit made by the player. While bonuses may seem tempting and exceptionally alluring, remember to read the terms and conditions beforehand and check the requirement before a withdrawal can be made.

What is a Wager Requirement/Turnover?

A wager requirement is a condition set by the casino that compels players to gamble before a withdrawal is possible. If a casino lists a wagering requirement of 10x, this means that the players must wager 10 times the bonus before it can be withdrawn.

How to Withdraw Winnings?

Winnings can generally be withdrawn the same way the money was deposited by the players. There are also a fixed number of times that a player can withdraw their money before a fee is charged.

Where to Learn Game Rules?

The best way to learn is through practice. Most sites offer free games where gamblers are allowed to play without having to gamble while learning up new rules and trying out different strategies.

What are the Operating Hours of Online Casinos?

They never close! Online casinos operate 24/7 and most of them come with a round the clock customer support. Day or night and wherever the location is, players are able to log in and wager at their own comfort.